Thursday, 26 April 2012

Modular Gaming Table - Part 1

The other weekend I took delivery of the materials for my modular gaming table I am building

The local DIY had an overstock of Extruded Foam Insulation panels, so I picked up 12 40mm thick Sheets. This stuff is ment to be the replacement of the "blue stuff" and "pink stuff" that is commonly used.

I plan on making 2' by 2' tiles that interlock together to form any number of panels in multiple configurations. The plan is to lamenate a 40mm sheet onto 2' by 2' MDF panels and sculpt in valleys, rivers etc into the them, and form hills and cliffs by layering more sheets ontop.

I have 24 MDF panels cut, which should allow me to create a large variety of terrain

So far I have made 6 panels and a mess cutting the foam! All going to plan I will have them finished before Southcon in June so they can be used at the tournament

Im not sure how I will interlock them yet. I have considered large dowels of magnets, but am not sure how well they will preform with the foam. The final result will be great from creating massive Apocolypse tables!

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