Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Necron 2nd Wave Spotted

The expected second wave of Necrons has arrived!

First up is the Triarch Stalker, looking every bit as good as the artwork in the book! Jury is still out if they represent a good choice or not, but with little competing in the elite section I think many people will be selecting this simply for a good looking center piece. I'll be buying one of these.

Next up we have the Tomb Blades, and Wow! Sign me up for 10 as this model is one of the best ive seen from GW's plastic range. They capture the artwork perfectly and remind me of the Droid army in Starwars! And everyone secretly wants their own Droid Army bent on galactic domination. Such a pity they compete for the fast attack slots as there are already great selections available. I hope the weapon options are easily magnetised.

What sure to be the most popular selection in the Necron Codex, we have the new Canoptic wraiths. Yourve read the rules, yourve fought the proxies, ladies and gentalmen I introduce 2012's best selling plastic kit! With 3 to a box im sure many people will be buying 5 sets (including me).

Last but not least are the new Canoptic Spiders. A vast improvement over the old metal turd, but not looking to much larger these lil fellas offer a heavy support option that any Tyranid player would be jealous of. A T6 St6 monsterous creature for 50 points! Poor little bug army keeps on getting nerfed years after the book release...

Looks like Im going to be busy this next month as a friend of mine wants to borrow my necrons for a doubles tournanment in June. Hes just lucky Ive already entered in the Fantasy section as this new plastic krak is getting the juices flowing, and thats saying alot since its 40k!

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