Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chaos Dwarf Great Taurus

Yesterday my first Chaos Dwarf model, which is also my first Forge World miniture, arrived.

At first look the model appears to be well cast. I find very few mould lines, and no miscasts! There are a few bubbles generaly on the opposite sides of the injection flutes, but nothing a bit of liquid greenstuff wont fix. Overall it is far superior to any finecast model I have purchased!

Did I mention this thing is huge?

Unfortunatley, when I test fit it together, I find there is massive gaps between the bull head and body. the rest seems to be fine, but it will take a great deal of effort to fit the head nicely including some sculpting, an art I'm yet to master. I would like to say I am disapointed, but I am very keen to find out what this material is realy like to work with and I have been looking forward to this model every since it was previewed...

I should realy be painting up another 3 Necropolis Knights for The Horned Rat V coming up in a little over a week...

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