Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Games Workshops new Airbrush Paint range...

The rumors where true, Games Workshop is releasing a range of 51 airbrush paints... in their stupid flip top pots. WORST MOVE EVER!
Who in there right mind made this decision? Dropper bottles are a (well almost it seems) a no brainer when it comes to airbrushing. Controlling the amount of paint in the brush is essential. 
It seems increasingly odd coupled to the new marketing approach (with AoS) alienating all the existing older fan base, essentially the ones who would own or use an airbrush. I can't imagine many 14 year olds. Must be aimed at 40k tanks...

And it seems according to the blurb the paints are "great for base coating" your models. The wastage that will be seen from using pipettes is obviously the plus side for GW, as they will sell more. Marketing genius! 

We recently seen Forgeworld go down the same route introducing an airbrush paint range aimed at their 30k line, once again in flip top pots. I have actually purchased a few of the clear paints to cover some gaps in my selection, but promptly put them into dropper bottles.

With such a huge range of airbrush paint available already in dropper bottles aimed specifically at the scifi/fantasy gaming community such as Vallejo Game Air and Badger Minitaire ranges, which are developed by airbrush professionals, the market appears saturated.

Not to mention the even larger range of 'true colours' aimed more at historical gamer's, model kit builders and dioramas from industry specialists such as Vallejo Model Air, AK Interactive and MIG productions. 

All these well established brands make excellent paints. I have tried all of the mentioned ranges and can recommend any of them for quality, consistency and price (it works out about half the price for the same volume). The Vallejo Model Air metallics are some of the best in the market, and I use much of the paints I have for brush work as well as air.

Vallejo also do an extensive primer and auxiliary range in sizes from 18ml to 200ml containers, including polyurethane primers, airbrush cleaners, acrylic thinners, flow aids, masks, varnishes etc

And guess what, all of them are in dropper bottles...

Games Workshops new range will need to be a cut above the rest to make up for the shortfall of not being in dropper bottles, not to mention double the price...

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