Wednesday, 5 August 2015

AoS moves into new Khorne range and Skaven repacks

This week we see new Khorne models released in a similar fasion to the Sigmarites, expanding the existing range that was introduced with the Age of Sigmar boxed set. We should be expecting further additions to the range over the next few weeks.

In addition we see some more of the existing range, this time Skaven, re-packed into the new white boxes and with round bases only. I hear we are to expect a lot of this repacking to happen in conjunction with other releases as Games Workshop re-brands the WHFB range into AoS. 

It may be a good indication of what models in the current line up will continue and what will be dropped moving forward

The next part of the Realm Wars campaign book picks up from the end of the last, where Ghal Maraz is discovered in the realm of metal at the heart of a Tzeentch fortress. A minor Tzeentch character wants to use it to merge the realm of metal with the realm of chaos and curry favour with Tzeentch. Sigmar, of course wants it back!

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