Monday, 24 August 2015

Celestant Prime pictures leak + hobby update

The Celestant Prime, first among Sigmars warriors, wielding Ghal Maraz his very own weapon, and the Celestial Rod which turns him into Teto'eko on steroids!

Love it or hate it, AoS is receiving a lot more love these past few months than most other games do in years. Now if only Games Workshop would actually write a decent tactical game with a balancing mechanism.... don't hold your breath, they hate us. They don't want us recruiting new players into the hobby for them anymore...

In other news, White Dwarf has gone digital on an iPad app, and can now be had for less than half the cost of a paper copy. $3.79 per weekly issue or $10.99 for a 4 week subscription.

Warhammer 9th age is starting to get some traction, with the usual culprits involved with ETC/Swedish/various comp systems having input into the first draft (version 0.1). 

Warhammer 8.5 and other various renditions seem to wax and wane dependent on the time of day, with many attempts at 'fixing' 8th already being tried. The question begs to differ, if it needed so much fixing, then why where people not already re-writing it? Short of comp nothing of the sort really had effort thrown at it.

Around the globe, several AoS events have had their time in the sun, with Clash an example being held in the UK this past weekend with 60 in attendance. No real word yet on the scope of its success from a competitive perspective but word on the street was games tended to be decided on the first double turn swings.

A little closer to home, my blog has been a bit quieter this past month not because of lack of interest, but more due to work and a little computer game called World of Warships taking up far too much time. Seriously good fun cruising around in a Yamato class Battleship!

Also, hobby room (well, man/wardollie cave) 2.0 is nearing completion. Just awaiting a few more paint racks and book cases to arrive. Pictures to come. One thing for sure, I have way to many paints...

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