Monday, 29 June 2015

Has the latest White Dwarf told us more than we know?

I've had a chance to read the latest White, and I must say it has some interesting tip bits in it that elude to grander things to come, at least, fluff wise...

Long may it do so in the future... Warhammer... what are they trying to tell us? Ghal Maraz does apear in the new Age of Sigmar logo...

The mightiest battles are mere skirmishes in the face of what will happen...
New enemies. Old Friends.
Warhammer is but a preface...

At the top of the column, but we already knew this...
The next two paragraphs are in reference to pictures, however they also elude of things to come. Will we see Vlad in AoS? Daemons is a no brainer.
Will we see Nagash again? I doubt they made such an amazing model just to scrap it 6 months later.

Well that settles it. Nagash will be in Age of Sigmar.

Although most of the WHFB material in White Dwarf reads an eulogy, there are several tip bits eluding to what may come in the next rendition of Fantasy. One thing is clear, nothing will remain the same, however many things will endure. 

There is also talk in Whote Dwarf that the Heroes of the End of Times are just mere shadows of the Heroes of the Age of Sigmar. Could AoS be Herohammer reborn? That could well be the angle for the skirmish game. GW would then be hoping to sell a few large kits and a hand full of infantry for an army. Is that really a profitable model? 


  1. Oh for F**k sake GW stop toying with us and damm well tell your player base whats going on, this eternal fan dance of hints and whispers is getting old. Just come out and tell us what the Age of Sigmar will be from a mechanics perspective (Skirmish, Massed Battles or both) and if our current armies will be valid or not. I am starting to wonder if it would be best if all WHFB fans stopped paying attention to GW for 4 months so that when we came back we would have he full story of whats going on and what the AOS actually is and what it actually means for us.

    I mean in that Nagash picture i can see square bases, but i thought AOS was a skirmish game with round bases.....what is going on and why cant they just be clear with us, we are the ones buying their damm product after all

    1. You make me sad bro. But you have a point.
      Such a major seismic shift in games mechanics should have had some more pre amble.
      So is it really going to be as big a change in rules as the hate mongers would have you believe...?