Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The riders of Icehorn Peak

Moonstruck baby!

Wellspring mortals...

WTF is that you ask. Well its the Dwellers Bellow annual Warhammer event. Limited to 90 places and hosted in the Ibis hotel in Melbourne this sold out event has everything a travelling Warlord could ever want: Alcohol, food and accommodation all at the venue!

Morbidex Twiceborn is coming Moonstruck, and hes go friends!

Although far from finished*, hes tabletop ready. I still have a bit of work to do around the tentacles, tounge, rust, horns, sores and face.

The rest of the Grand Census of Icehorn Peak

The army I am taking this year is the following: (Chaos Legions List, 2600 points, Comp 3)

Orghotts Daemonspew (General) 
Bloab Rotspawned
Morbidex Twiceborn
The Tallyman's Blades (23 Plaguebearers, full command)
The Rotting Chanson (23 Plaguebearers, full command)
The Bounderbeast (1 Beast of Nurgle) 
The Slimebringer (1 Beast of Nurgle)
Slithertongue, Shrine of the driblets (1 Chaos Warshrine, Mark of Tzeentch) 
Bubo, Maggoth beast of the Eternal Lagoon (1 Skull Plague Cannon of Khorne Nurgle) 
The Repugnauts of Brass Keep (4 Skull Plague Crushers of Khorne Nurgle, Standard, Ensorcelled Weapons)

Ok so I copped out a little with the mark of Tzeentch on the Warshrine, but really felt the 3+ ward save would be more suitable than -1 to hit in combat for it. Bubo and the Repugnauts are now reformed psychopaths that now see the error of their ways. Pappa Nurgle is pleased. I only chose the Skullcrushers for this list because under the tournament pack, units with a rank and a banner can claim table quarters/center to gain up to an additional 5 tournament points a round (the tournament is being run on a win/loss/draw 5/10/15 format). Skirmishers and fast cavalry cannot claim quarters, otherwise I would be running 2 units of plague drones instead!

My first opponent is a Dark Elf sycophant with the following list: (Dark Elves, 2600 points, Comp 2)

Supreme Sorceress: Black Amulet; Tome of Furion; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Dark Magic; Black Dragon 
Dreadlord: Cloak of Twilight; The Other Trickster's Shard; Heavy Armour; Lance; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield; Dark Pegasus
Death Hag: Sword of Anti-heroes; Cauldron of Blood; Battle Standard Bearer 
Sorceress: Dispel Scroll; Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Shadow 
25 Witch Elves: Hag; Musician; Standard Bearer (Razor Standard) 
12 Darkshards: Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer (Banner of Eternal Flame)  
5 Dark Riders: Repeater Crossbow; Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer  
20 Har Ganeth Executioners: Draich-master; Musician; Standard Bearer 
Reaper Bolt Thrower  
Reaper Bolt Thrower 
Bloodwrack Shrine 

Well its a nasty combination of big fast tough gribbly monsters. Ugh. Not a huge amount of shooting but two big nasty blocks of squishy elves. There is a lot of pain to be delivered here! I'm thinking (like a good little disciple of Nurgle) push it forward and infect all the squishys! and prey to Ku'gath that I can tank all the attacks...

So Moonstruck is likely to be my final 8th edition tournament, and I couldn't think of a better way to see it out! Really looking forward to this event, and its been really refreshing painting all the brighter colours of Nurgle! It has really got my 9th edition WHFB buzz going and round bases or not, I am very excited to see what the new edition brings.

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