Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Damn broke. Age of Sigmar RULES leak


First impressions/thoughts:

I'm seeing a lot of common concepts (that also work well) like 2D6 charge included. I see alternating activation in combat phase, I see magic with no levels and 2D6 casting similar to 5th edition 40k. 

The rules appear to be the basic principles, with all details and special rules being on the warscrolls (available to download on 4th July and in unit boxed sets)

I don't see anything on how to select an army, but there is a bit of victory conditions and deployment.

I can see a lot of scope for scenarios, rules expansion, and flexibility here. I do get the feeling this will be the edition of combos and heroes.

In seeing this, I am feeling really positive about where this is going. It is not anywhere near as bad as I had anticipated. The above rules samples alone elude to as much game complexity as the existing 8th edition. My only concern is selecting an army.

I do find it interesting that Games Workshop has gone this way, as this format will allow them to rapidly balance forces, update rules and manage their game. Things that are totally foreign concepts to them. We have heard many times in the past that they are a model company not a game company, but this has the potential to be a tight set of rules.

If they don't, it appears to be far simpler for the community to balance/comp with individual warscrolls. Whether this will be comping individual scrolls or modifying them to suit. I can still see a whole slew of FAQ's when special rules on warscrolls contradict others, but I do notice they have included "the most important rule" line again...

On that note, watch out 40k, this system will be coming to you soon...


  1. indeed it is coming for 40k but the real question is when. there is only one real way to shake off the "fleas" (negative nancies) in this hobby and to better promote the game to newbro's. it is win-win-lose. good post. and images in a easy to find location.

  2. It will not be coming to 40k. Since the release of 7th edition - more notably, Necrons - the 40k game has found a good balance. Not only do all of the books since play perfectly against each other (and thus it's safe to assume after 7 good ones in a row that the remainder will come quickly and similarly), but people have more list-building options than ever. From the traditional CAD, to Allies, to incentives to play within one codex (e.g. detachments + formations bonuses), 40k is settling out nicely.

    Furthermore, 40k sales aren't tanking like Fantasy was. It doesn't need an overhaul. It's still the #1 tabletop game by a wide margin, and still reaping profits. Fantasy wasn't. Why haven't people grasped this irrefutable fact yet?