Thursday, 21 August 2014

The End of Times: Whats next?

Warning! This post contains massive amounts of grandiose speculation!

So, as most of you will know by now, unless your name is Patrick, Nagash has returned in all his glory!

The release will be interesting to watch unfold. We already know there is at least one more week of models to be released, thanks to the early leak of the September issue of Warhammer Visions. But what next?

Lets take a look at 40k's latest campaign. Sanctus Reach combined a multitude of host armies coming together in a 2 volume campaign that encompassed most of the 40k universe. It included army specific expansion books for Orks, Astra Militarum and Space Wolves. The release was done over a month long period with little insight to what the next wave might have been. It didnt however include many new models for release, but concentrated on formations for recently updated armies.

So what do we know about Warhammer: Nagash. We know we are getting a 2 book volume which contains a campaign focusing on the return of Nagash and the premise around the event. We know we are getting at least 4 kits: Nagash, Arkhan/Neferata/Manfred triple kit, Morghast Harbingers and Spirit hosts (although these may turn out to be built from the other kits).

But who is Nagash fighting? Well the story line basically goes along the lines (in its most simplistic version) of Nagash has been bought back by Manfred to unit the Undead to fight a Chaos incursion. Chaos...

And this leads to my speculation, that we may indeed see a second volume based around Chaos, which would potentially include the release of the 4 new Greater Daemon kits frequently rumored... What better way to introduce a large number of monstrous plastic kits! I would suspect that the volume would be a similar 2 book binding, with a united Chaos Legions list like back in the old days. Hands up who remembers the Chaos Boxed set of 5th edition!

This release style is unheard of in Warhammer Fantasy, but the precedent has been set by 40k already. This would also tie into the much lambasted rumors of 9th edition having volumes that covered a range of armies instead of an individual (which I dont buy personally). it would go a long way to cover the rumors that point to it being true/false which we have heard from several sources. 

So, my speculation is that the Nagash release may be more than just a 2 week Undead splash, but in fact the beginning of a more comprehensive release schedule. September was rumoured to be a big fantasy release (some claimed 9th edition) but I think this fits the bill a little better. This is indeed The End of Times! name says it all!

Time will tell...

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