Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Clown Face that was...

Surely this is the end of times, at least for my wallet

Arkhan the Black, but wheres his chariot!

I don't know... but he looks rather vampirish. Aborash maybe?

New spirit hosts, shore to get the restless specters exited

Morghast Harbringers. Surprisingly similar to Crypt Horrors, most likley a Nagash Elite, although I cannot remember him using them in the Trilogy

This weeks White Dwarf cover. Ruthlessly hacked off twitter

Nagash in all his glory!

This weeks release schedule. Thats a lot crammed into 1 weeks of a weekly release cycle!

Ltd edition Nagash army book.... wait what. Nagash army book... let that salivate in your mind for a moment. Fantasy gets a (technically) new race...

Old vs new. The many faces of clown face

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