Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Further musings of Warhammers future...

By now most people would have read the rumours about four campaign books starting with Nagash, along with other morsels of information on potential upcoming releases for WHFB.

But lets take a moment to reflect on the past year or so of rumours that we have heard. 

So I mooted a few days ago that I thought there would be another book in the series continuing on from Nagash, but based around Daemons. This made sense, as Nagash is being painted as the anti hero come to save the world from Chaos, of course only to bend it to his will instead!

With my surmising that there would be more books, I suggested that the Plastic Greater Daemon models could be released with this next book based on Chaos. Unsurprisingly, a few rumour mongers started talking about this the following day. 
Now we have had several claims of knowledge of Greater Daemons, and some insisting they had seen them (or pictures) however wishful they might have been. Nothing concrete as of yet, but seeing them released soon would not surprise me.

But lets look at the larger scale of things. This year we have had rumours of advancing the timeline: check, mass kill off of characters: check, multiple armies in on book: check, and the return of some old favorites: check. All sub themes in the new Nagash book!
Way to many correlations to be coincidence? To be fair, there was a lot of scare mongering from the hysterical that 9th edition would wipe the slate clean, and all army books would be obsolete as 9th edition would herald in new army volumes encompassing multiple races. There is some truth there, but as it turns out, the order and scope of what was rumoured was, as it often is, put out of context.

Things starting to fall into place...

So we currently are in the mist of rumours that summarize as the following:
We are getting four books that each focus on multiple races that will advance the Warhammer timeline in a lead up to 9th edition. Sounds far more plausible yes?

Now we don't need to look into our crystal balls to surmise that these campaign books will introduce us to new rules and concepts which might well be the norm in 9th edition. I personally am looking forward to  the characters and monsters profiles being merged that we see in Nagash. We have had the prelude for this in the form of Monsterous Cavalry throughout 8th. I welcome any rules that will encourage/make viable fielding characters mounted on chariots and monsters in this cannon infested landscape. Is the proliferation of cannons in the current edition Games Workshops way of balancing the field when combined profiles are introduced (the complete opposite of what they did with fliers in 40k). 

Buts lets think back even further. Rick Priestly was rumoured to have quit over his want to advance the Warhammer timeline into an apocalypse error with his Warhammer Forge narrative series that stated with Tamurkhan - Throne of Chaos. We see several themes crossing over with the latest set of rumours.

Rick was reported to want to "advance the timeline", kill off several special characters and produce a set of four (or eight) books detailing the end of times. Nurgle was to attack the empire in Tamurkham, Tzeentch was invading Lustria, Slannesh was getting stuck into Ulthuan, and Khornes hounds where at the gates of Naggaroth. Sounds all to familiar dosn't it.

Was Rick really wanting to do all this, or was he against it? Was the rest of the series of the Warhammer Forge books canceled due to poor sales, or was the plot to expansive to be covered by Warhammer Forge, and the idea was transfered to the Games Workshop team? We never got a concrete answer out of Forge World, and the "lack of sales" theory is bogus. More likely (as has been suggested), the sales are fine, but just very small volumes compared to the money tree that is 30K! 

So we know Rick left, but never exactly why. There is always some truth in any rumour, so reading in between the lines I think it is more likely Rick may have left because his idea was taken off him, rather than turned down. I mean why would they produce the first timeline altering book and then decide not to change the timeline...

So, in conclusion, I think we will see the roughly following:
Book 1: Nagash reunites the undead, fights Chaos in Kislev/Empire.
Book 2: Details the Chaos forces, re-introducing combined Realm of Chaos armies
Book 3: The invasion of Lustria! and Skavens part in the whole conflict. maybe some Brets here too.
Book 4: Details the Elven forces fight, Dark Elves being invaded in the north and High Elves of Ulthuan. 


  1. Good post, it all sounds pretty exciting. I'm already happy about being able to wheel my skull chuckers, undead chariots and skeleton bowmen out of storage to fight with my undead army once again. The idea of being able to field a chaos army with beasts and daemons fighting with the mortals would be just fantastic.

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