Monday, 7 July 2014

New 40K Starter set or something else?

The next White Dwarf cover has been circulating over the weekend and has created a bit of a stir...

It features existing Space Wolf models with a new one, and the caption "New Space Wolves vs Orks boxed set" 

Could this be a new core starter box? or something more benign or unorthodox like the start of a new range of boxed sets covering campaigns or scenarios? The leak of the next White Dwarf cover is timed with the rumours that Games Workshop has been quietly recalling the Dark Vengeance stater boxed set. This rumour may have sprung from someone viewing the cover or may be entirely unrelated of origin. One thing is for sure we will find out over the next few days as issue 24 is leaked more.

Still, no sign of anything WHFB related. Is this the quiet spell we normally experience before a new edition, or simple a fulfillment of the rumour from late last year that 40K:WHFB release ration will be 2:1... I for one am hotly anticipating seeing Brettonians next...

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