Monday, 7 July 2014

Dark Elves progress

With the ETC coming up fairly fast I thought it prudent to spend some time preparing the final parts of my army. I leave for Europe in under two weeks and still have alot of work to produce a table top standard army...

I've purchased a set of Dark Sword "Thief of Hearts" models to represent my Dark Pegasus characters. 

The models are incredible. Each has a very high standard of detail and are fairly well proportioned. No ham fists here.

I've mounted them on 40mm bases and given them the old 3 colour shaded base coats. I'm looking forward to painting these, just have to find the right motivation.

Dark Sword have a very large range of highly detailed models, including an extensive range of Fantasy and Game of Thrones 28mm figures. I ordered 5 from the "Thief of Hearts" range, and Dark Sword where kind enough to throw in 2 free miniatures! I got a Danerious from GoT and a elven sorceress of foot! 

I highly recommend having a look at what they offer and supporting this boutique miniature company!

Some other things I have been working on are these Shades. They are a combination of Dark Elf Corsairs, High Elf Shadow warriors and Dark Riders, with repeater crossbows from the Dark Shards sprue


  1. Really like the shades top notch kitbashing.

  2. I like the shades but I am not a fan of the angel models as peg heroes.

  3. Hello

    Your idea for black pegasus is really interesting, but I think there is a problem with the base.
    I buy recently Morathi (finecast) in my GW and the dimensions of the base are 50*50.
    There is just one model of dark pegasus in dark army and I believe the Morathi base is now the reference for all black pegasus.