Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Confirmation of new 40k starter set... Sort of...

So further pictures have been leaked from this weeks White Dwarf, and they confirm the contents of the new "sorta" starter set...

So the new boxed set coming out this month is a campaign box containing a range of existing models, plus two new named characters.

Oh yeah, and a mini rulebook!

 So in a new move from Games Workshop, we have a hybrid campaign box with core rules. Its not a new starter set, but its not just a campaign box, its both. 

I am currently hearing that we can expect more of these types of releases, where we get a campaign set which builds (this campaign is a 3 part set) into a new starter set, support two or more armies. Where models included will generally be existing range, the sets will introduce new characters and potentially be limited releases.

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  1. But NZD235 is ouch. Considering the retail value of each box individually it works out okay as a saving but it seems a steep p;rice for any sort of boxed set intro pack which you might point to new players. I wonder if the mini rule set will be hardback?