Monday, 26 May 2014

Horned Rat results

Horned Rat VII was run over the weekend and attracted 26 players from throughout New Zealand.

It was run under ETC comp and played on ETC terrain. Many thanks go to Pete for not only putting up with about 20 gamers taking over his home, but for organising and supplying all the terrain for the event. 

My much vaunted Dark Elves managed 3rd overall and 60 something battlepoints. McCrae managed to establish Dwarven stubbornness as a weapon and succeeded in placing his throng on the second step. And finally Dan set a tall order to follow taking out his second tournament this year with WoC

So with the ETC comp we managed to get 7 different races in the top 10, with Dwarfs, Empire and Tomb Kings taking a double stake. Even Beastmen made a showing in 8th! Well done Stewart.

Disappointment of the weekend goes to Jeff Kent proving that no amount of drill can prepare you for the trepidations of a weekend of war dollies.


  1. Congrats for the top three place!

    That reminds me - I wanted to ask You what models do You use for Pegasus-mounted models?

    1. Cheers.
      I use chariot dark steeds with vargulf wings. Riders are kit based from Black dragon riders