Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Creature caster Kickstarter campaign succeeds

Creature caster came to a close on Sunday Night. Jeremy posted a video thanking all the backers for what was a very successful campaign

The campaign close at 1081% of his goal, with 1487 people backing him.

I personally have pledged 2x silver and 1x gold. I intend to get the Vulture Daemon (Lord of Change), Pincer Daemon (Keeper of Secrets), and Possessed Dragon

The campaign was unusual as far as Kickstarters normally go as there was no mid campaign "lull"

New backers where attracted each day

Daily pledge amounts where consistent throughout

Community feedback and engagement was high for the campaign. Games Workshop take note, engaging directly with your market is a positive business driver!

Jeremy's success laid bare

Jeremy has promised delivery by the end of the year. I know many kKckstarters miss their goals and hope the success for Creature Caster dosn't add delays to delivery. 

I think all supporters are interested to see second wave and the Canadian Chimera...

Interesting how Warhammer Forge is on the backburner due to low sales (for similarly priced models) yet projects like this are successful. I guess the void left has created an opening in the market for Creature Caster. Now that they have the foot in the door there will be a lot of loyal customers anticipating future releases.


  1. I didn't back it because the discount wasn't large enough to make me want to take the risk on kickstarter, the risk of 1. the final product never occurring 2. the risk it doesn't end up the same quality as expected (Sedition Wars) 3. Massive delay in it turning up (Relic Knights).

    1. Interesting.
      Jeremy has a good reputation for both quality and reliability. The fact he had all the answers before they were asked and had realistic goals sold me.
      Still not sure he can sculpt all those new models and deliver by december though.