Wednesday, 28 May 2014

7th Edition 40k FAQ's and Errata released

Right on the back of the new edition of 40k Games Workshop have released a complete set of FAQ's for the game.

Details can be found over in Black Library

Several large updates to some of the older books but only minor changes with the latest ones. 

No sign yet of any of the much needed WHFB ones. With more than a year past and six army books released Games Workshop have really dropped the ball here. 

If they stuck with the same timeline they used for 40k, we wont see another until 9th edition, which wont be so bad if it was just around the corner. September release anyone?

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  1. Brettonians or a new boxset, either preceeded or followed by 9th Ed ? The Beastmen also now need monsters/monstrous cavalry and flyers. No sign of FAQs to update the blunders and oversights in the parade of books we've seen in the last 12 mo. maybe that's a sign that 9th Ed is just around the corner, or a broadbased generic fix?