Sunday, 4 October 2015

Team NZ ETC 2016 Captain's selection underway

The 2016 ETC will be held in Athens Greece on 5th to 7th August or 12 to 14 (most likely the 5/7)
Playing 9th Age

The first stage to putting together a team is selection of a Captain. This is undertaken by last years team who review applications and make their selection

The new Captain then runs the team selection process ie convene a selection panel and seek nominations from interested players

So to start can those interested in the 2016 captaincy please email me at
The deadline for applications being 7pm NZT on the 14 October 

I do not intend to apply for the Captains roll 

Cheers Chris

Athens is a beautiful city, and the Greek Islands are only a few hours away on the ferries. 

The ETC community has voted to bring in "The 9th Age" as the rule system to replace the now unsupported WHFB 8th edition, with Age of Sigmar almost unanimously being voted down. Full details on the rules can be found on the 9th Age website
If you are interested in the captaincy for 2016 please email Chris.

A big thanks to Chris for all his efforts over the past few years!

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