Friday, 1 May 2015

The Martians have landed

Next weeks WD cover

Some close ups of the next release after the Knights this week. Pre-orders will go up on the 9th of may for the first wave.

I believe these are the new electro priests

Im sorry but I think these look ridiculous. They just dont fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of the range. They are far to bulky/clunky. They would have looked so much better if the torso was mounted on some spider legged body like the onager. The upper body looks great!

New priest model. Nailed it.

WTF? how can they get something so wrong. Its almost like its a (origional) clown face Nagash story. Management chose the goofy head again. This looks like some 90's action figure. I will be sticking to the much much much nicer Castelex model from Forgeworld. In fact I think FW will find a massive boost in sales as 99% of customers will be buying their sculpt over this ridiculous piece of crap...

Although in saying that, a head conversion would make things work with this model. I'm going to regret saying this but it could do with a skull face...

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