Saturday, 16 May 2015

Should we be worried...?

One of the displays at the Warhammer World opening event was this little diorama from the End of Times. 

I find it interesting, if not somewhat worrying that the models are all in a loose skirmish formations. Although the diorama makes for good dramatic/narrative effect, lets hope that it is not a sign of things to come for 9th...

Round bases on big models I can live with I think


  1. Agreed.

    If for no other reason than actual game-playing.. how much time would be consumed moving all those models on a turn by turn basis?

  2. I know I'm not always the most positive of geeks, but we still don't know enough to be worried. The rules will come out when GW deem us worthy of knowing them, and that alone will give us cause for worry or celebration (or incandescent rage).

    Until then, I'll ignore End Times and play on pretty much as I have for the last year.