Friday, 27 March 2015

Raging Heroes TGG2 Kickstarter

Raging Heroes have launched their second TGotG Kickstarter, this time focusing on Elven factions from both Scifi and Fantasy settings.

You can find it here. But you will need to be quick, as this is only available to back for two weeks! They are already at $450k

Now as many will be aware, Raging Heroes has made a complete hash of their projected delivery times from their first Kickstarter campaign, with many (including me) still not receiving anything so far (at the time of posting this) after two years....

But I am a glutton for punishment. The artwork is once again stunning, and RH have been able to capture that in their miniature range with the first go round the merry go round. I've pledged for a lieutenant box and will be likely picking up predominantly fantasy range. That being said they have estimated March 2016 as a delivery date, so expect them in 2018?

In three years from now I will most likely want to refresh my Dark Elves so perfect timing? Ok I'm grasping here, but there is more than a passing interest in just a few models. I don't even intend to use them in a gaming situation, just to paint/collect (hoard). 

Looking forward to today's show and tell of the second freebie

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  1. You are talking about the future! they will have a pledge manager after the KS ends that will allow you to add more funds. If you want to add funds now you just go to the modify pledge button and increase your pledge amount while keep the same pledge level.

    Joe Murphy