Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Nationals silliness

At the time of writing Nationals are just around the corner. Three days and eight games of war dollie goodness! I've been wanting to try something a little different with my Dark Elves so came up with the following:

Dreadlord, CoT, Dawnstone, Black Dragon
Master, Ruby Ring, BSB, Dark Steed
Master, Charmed Shield, Mnticore
2 units of 14 Dark Riders
4 Repeater Bolt Throwers
7 Shades
2 units of 5 Brolocks
1 Hydra!

WIP of my Dark Elves War Hydra

Basically I have been working on this guy and wanted to put him in a list. Of course any good general knows that one big gribbly needs some buddies for moral support! Balls to the wall that tells me a naked Manticore rider was in order!

Not to be outdone, any Dreadlord worth his salt will have the biggest and most badass mount there is, so a Black Dragon was in order.

After taking one of the more filthy variants of Dark Elves riff raf and winning Equinox with that I wanted to take something different... I hear its a smaller field at Nationals this year (Auckland, what is going on with you? Even Christchurch can rustle up more!) so I'm not expecting any great things. With no level 4 sorceress its going to be push it forward and 6 dice Doombolts all around!

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