Friday, 16 January 2015

Tomb Kings army book goes softback...

In an interesting development, the Tomb Kings army book, recently discontinued as reported here, has now re-appeared as a softback title!

With being so close to the rumoured 9th edition release, we live in interesting times...

What this means for the rumours regarding combined army books and consolidation of factions... well, at this point its any ones guess

Maybe the End is not so catastrophic!

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  1. Yes indeed, this is possibly the most telling release as far as 9th goes. Why release a softback only to can the whole thing a couple of months later. With the hardback and swathes of models unavailable from the GW site for tomb kings lately, I feared the worst, but this release has salved those fears, and indeed given me hope that the apocalypse of 9th may not be the end for warhammer as we know it after all.