Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Secret Weapon Tablescapes progress

Been making some good progress on my Tablescapes table this past week. Above is after the first oil wash. 

Tiles in different stages of airbrushing/washes

I've gone for a wind blown martial landscape

I did not go down the zenithal highlight route like some tutorials have done. To me they don't look right and limit options of variation with the 1x1' tiles. I like the more weathered look compared to the over highlighting.

Street tiles in the early stages. Pictured above is the airbrushing and oil washes all done before cleanup

Then prepped for road markings

Almost done. Just need to weather up the yellow road marking and then apply the burnt sienna wash to the street tiles to match the others. Yes I have already cleaned up the overspray...

Im very pleased with how the worn rusted look of the car lift and storm grates have turned out. Will be adding some additional grime to the gutters and oil/fuel stains to the roads

After the streets are done its onto the rolling fields... Here they are primed up red oxide for the martian like landscape theme. I'm looking to make these WHFB compatible as well.

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