Tuesday, 2 December 2014

No more Tomb Kings books

So it appears the English edition of Tomb Kings is selling out. It is listed on all the UK and Europe sites as Sold Out/No longer available (although the other languages are still available). The English version of the book appears to still be available in North America and Australasia.

As the Tomb Kings army book was never ported to digital that's it for this edition.

This potentially indicates several scenarios surrounding my favorite WHFB army.

  • Sales of the Tomb Kings book have been that sluggish of late its not worth a re-print
  • New book will be available soon
  • 9th edition rule set will be out soon
  • 9th edition will see a move to combined army books (undead)
  • End of Times mergers will become permanent
Not all are likely, however I think a few are more than just wish listing now.

Warning: everything past this point is crystal ball gazing...

IMO I think the last three have some body to them. 9th edition will arrive in June/July. Before we reach that point we will see at least three more end of times books, Skaven/Lizardmen, Dwarves/Orcs and Goblins/Ogres, and then finally Archaon. 

These last three books, along with the three proceeding them, will change the landscape forever. Once 9th edition is launched we will get a set of books that combine multiple armies into factions. They could be similar to as follows
  • Forces of Men/Dwarfs
  • Forces of Chaos
  • Forces of Elves
  • Forces of Destruction
  • Forces of the Undead
These books will allow you to take the traditional forces, such as High Elves or Empire, but in addition, they will allow you to take alliances of factions like in the End of Times. This will follow on from the big shake up and will allow GW to consolidate their range, and will be the WHFB version of the allies matrix in 40k. Expect to see anything not plastic phased out.

This is indeed the end of times...

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