Friday, 5 December 2014

Nagash/Glotkin Softbacks available tomorrow

After receiving greater demand than expected, Games Workshop has rushed he first two volumes of the End of Times to market worldwide. They become available in Australasia tomorrow for $146NZD for Nagash and $105NZD for Glotkin

having a quick browse around I see Mighty Ape is selling them for $124.99 & $89.99 respectively. I'm sure the internet savy could source them overseas for cheaper again (no tax on books sold in the UK).

This is a first for GW, as I cannot remember the last time they made a second print run to fulfil demand such as this. I am just happy I managed to get a hardback copy of all so far.

For those astute readers, you will note that these are printed in the UK as opposed to the hardcovers being printed in China. I can only surmise that they under anticipated the demand of this expansion and had to rush to a local printer to produce more copies to meet said demand. It is an unusual move as the recent trend from the past two years is to exclusively produce hardcovers. Its not easy to produce a run of hardcovers on short notice and I imagine GW have their contacted printer tied up with future releases to make any slots available.

At the aforementioned prices they do come in a bit steep for my tastes, considering the hardcovers where only a few dollars more, however I can understand the price point as it not only lies in between the hardcovers and iPad version, it would not be cheap to do a decent print run on short notice such as this.

With availability of softcovers first in the UK a week and a half ago, then the states last week, we are the last to put our hands on copies of the softback. Always a downside to living at the bottom of the world.

I hear that Khaine softbacks are just around the corner, as is the next installment focusing on the Lizardmen and Skaven. I only wish they would reprint the magic cards

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