Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Elf Apocalypse: Khaine has arrived

This coming weeks White Dwarf reveals Khaine: End of Times...

What is disappointing is seeing the old Malekith model on the front cover. If ever there was an opportunity to do a dual kit Malekith and Imirik this was it. And the rumours ares thick that there will be no new models with this release. 

With all the leaks coming about it seems as if the current story theories are correct. Malekith and Teclis are plotting together to ensure Chaos does not end the world, thanks to the sacrifice of Tyrions daughter with the Everqueen, the impure blood caused Nagash to be reborn not at full strength, thus ensuring he did not march straight to his doom at the hands of the Chaos gods.

Is Malekith the true puppet master of the end of times? Nagash just a pawn in his larger game? How long will Malekith take to break the newly forge alliance o the Elf Apocalypse?

The one good thing that marches out with this release is all the cries of anguish from the sudo Elven players who somehow think that the High Elves are a force of pure good. Never has this been true of the self centered self serving fairies. The "prophecy" of all the Elven races joining forces to stop a great evil from destroying the world has been intertwined in the WHFB lore for at least a decade now. For some however, this is indeed the end of times.

Long shall Nagash's reign be. 

Will someone think of the forest goblins!

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