Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Weekend of Conquest

So my 40 days of 40k culminated in attending the South Islands main 40k event of the year, Conquest, in Christchurch. This years event attracted a field of 40 players from the 140 odd attending the multi-system weekend. This would be my first 40k tournament since 5th edition.

Sentinels of Terra, in all their glory!

My list consisted of a Fellblade, Sicarn with heavy bolter sponsons, Whirlwind Scorpius with Venteran of Keylek campaign, a Fire Raptor with Autocannon turrets, 2 10 marine Tactical squads with melta, combi-melta in drop pod, 1 10 marine Sternguard squad in drop pod, and a Master of the forge with 2 servitors.

Played Daryl first with his zombie hoard and C'tan mix. Ended up putting 22 wounds on the C'tan only for him to ward save 21 of them... He had gone first so the last turn was mine to steal the objectives and gain a win taking both primary and secondary objectives 7-2

Josh was up next with his Deathwing terminators. He deep struck them all in my side first turn. The Fellblade turn its attention to one squad taking a large tool only to be assaulted by josh turn 2 with his Warlord and escort, however when the Fellbade exploded, ony resulting in a st2 hit on the unit, I still managed to cause 2 wounds to his Warlord killing him! I spent the rest of the game running off with the relic throwing combat squads between me and the terminators eventually tableing my opponent. Josh was the only person to kill the Fellblade at the tournament. 9-2

JD had a hoard of Orks which suited my template numbers well. I had first turn taking big chunks out of his hoard. I put my drop pods on objectives early and managed to maintain the dominance. A last turn push by JD to contest some failed giving me both primary and secondary objectives. The Fire Raptor took a huge toll on his light vehicles. 9-1

Tim Adams and his very nicely painted space puppies where next up (ooooh do I hate space puppies!). Tim decided early on to ignore the Fellblade, which probably cost him the game. Got a good hit off with the Scorpios Whirlwind on his wolf riders, a cheeky shot from the Fellblade's accelerator cannon killed his Achilles, and terrible luck with his drop pods didn't help. I even managed to 1 shot overwatch a charge from his dread with a tactical marine using his melta gun... 9-1 win

Final round, and I unexpectedly find myself table 2 and within 3 points of the top. Karn's Eldar did not fair any better than the rest. Poison from the Sternguard help clean out the Avatar and Wraith Knight, Scorpios Whirlwind got 4 hits on a Nightweaver, and then proceeded to roll 4 's for pen before dieing to combined firepower of the war walkers. The Fire Raptor almost went down in flames after getting a  immobilized result from being shot by the Eldar flier, but then the Fellblade exacted revenge by snapfiring a quad lascannon and exploding it mid air. 9-2

So a rather eventful weekend after staying up to 4am Friday night painting everything in preparation. After only 2 games of 7th before the tournament I managed to come first place to my surprise. I boil it down to all the ruthless WHFB tournaments preparing me! 
Thanks to Wes for taking the time to run a great event and to all my opponents for 5 good games.

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