Friday, 23 November 2012

NZ Masters 2012

Its that time of year again. All the best nerdymen in the world (NZ) gather for the rumble down under to decide the undisputed champion for another year! Talking it up? Yeah maybe.

Last year I had earned a spot at the 2011 masters but regretfully did not attend due to the timing of the event. This year however my calendar was clear for a spot in the 12.

So I have packed my bags and bundled up my old bones for Tomb Kings to attempt to bury everyone in the sands of time! The 12 top players head to the Shire (Wellington) for a good ol' 6 rounds of beat down. Its fair to say the smack talk has been colourful. 
This years list is:

L4 Hierophant with dispel scroll and ruby ring
Tomb Prince with armour of silvered steel and great weapon
2 units of 20 skittle archers
3 units of 5 skittle horse archers
2 units of 10 skittle archers
A unit of 6 Necroknights
40 Tomb guard
2 scatterpults
A casket of souls
and Hermy! the Necroshpinx

All the list can be found here

Here is a quick rundown of my army vs theirs (and to add some more smack to the mix)... And some BIG calls made...

Beastmen (Ray) A flying bull! Pretty darn close to a flying pig if you ask me. Chop the head off the beast and the army will die. hello Hermy! I have a job for you... In all seriousness this army has to much for me to shoot, even though they have no armour. But T4 may cause some issues.

Vampires (Rory) What no Terrorgiest? I can't wait to get my TG into this Knights! Hoards of skittles with screaming b***ths in them could be interesting for my grind. This game will probably end in a draw aye Basil?

Daemons (Tom) Tom's just going to play hide the fatty behind a rock again. Grow some balls boy. Just take the hit and write off a Bloodletter unit to my archers. I even bought Hermy to play with Billy, yet Billy to scared! Interesting times...

Lizards (Mike) Snorus breeding grounds in overtime! thats alota core fighty. Hermy might actually survive a fight against the lizzys for a change. Dag nam it, now I've cursed him... If Mike can avoid tripping over himself to get into combat this will be a good showdown...

Tomb Kings (Tim) If I'm Lucky enough to draw this fight, its a shore win for me!

Orcs & Gobbos (Sam) Sorry Sam a Savage Orc and Night Goblin army just aint right without the lil un's. Hey Mr Sams forgotten to pick the runts. You know the PC brigade are gona bag you for that one. Instead we have over 9000 points in characters. I'm rather happy I took another fighty unit this time. Lots of targets for Hermy to kill and die to die to... Can Sam shake off his day two jitters!

Empire (Joel) No. Just No. Go away you big meany... To many damn chickens. The Chochobo brigade has arrived in style. THIS IS MY WORST MATCHUP! The numbers are in and I am going down 7-13 or worse

Skaven (Locky) Who is this guy? Rumours have it that he once played warhammer time a long long time ago... Numbers say he knows what hes doing! But then again he does use stink'n cheat'n rattys. This is the more favourable skaven list for me however with Locky at the helm I dont fancy my chances. To many damn toys...

High Elves (Peter) If there ever was a guy who can turn a turd into chocolate this is the guy. With only 15 White lions I don't think he has the staying power of some of the other lists, but the snobby elves have the movement to pick the fights. this will be down to the wire but no doubt Peter will find a way to kill my Hiero and crumble me to dust.

Bretonnians (Antony) Hmm. hmmmm.... hmmmmmmmmmm.... I dunno. I never like fighting brets, but they are the traditional foe. Massed attachs and killing blow is the way to go here and, oh wait! I have massed attacks and killing blow. Who would have thought...

Skaven (Pete) NO FATTIES!!!!! yay for me (I'm doing a happy dance). But then again, more stink'n no good dirty cheat'n ratties. Petes got everything to loose here. Hes had his spies out (one got caught by a cat) and bribed 'Baddice' podcast into backing him (how much warpstone did it cost you?). Pete has everything to loose and nothing to gain since everyone is picking him to be on the top. I can here ringing in my ears already. At least I bought my bellboy Hermy to assist. Don't fancy my chances here...

Warriors (Neil) The 'displeased with you card' (Pete said no wildcard) entry to round out numbers to 12. Double Hellcannon and some angry donkeys. Lots of viable targets for the archers to pick at if we every get past turn one. Time will tell (yeah there is a pun there...)

So what's my predictions?

1st is Pete "No Fatties" Dunn from skaveblight
2nd goes to Joel "Farmer Brown" from Tau Tau chicken battery
3rd is for Antony mr "No peasant" and his quest for the holy gravy

Me you ask. 5th! no pressure aye. I think I made a few list mistakes for the field. Only next weekend will tell...


  1. I am well and truly over my second day jitters mate, bring this shit on!!! Enjoyed the read.

    1. Hard luck drawing Angry Pete 1st round. I recon you have a good chance to carry the day. Your SOfunBUS has the attacks to just wipe out his road blocks and get stuck into the juicy bits providing you can shut down his magic phase. Maybe this is the start of day one jitters for you =P No pressure

  2. I'm starting to get really pissed off with everybody calling my rats filthy.....

    You won't like me when I'm angry

    1. Oh Pete, all this pandering to UK extremist propaganda factions has made you soft. I'll be sure to bring some wine up for your cheese

  3. Enjoyed the read....really going to enjoy grinding you into dust....probably the worst list you've ever fielded. See you there.

    1. Gee thanks! I thought it was pretty terrible as well. Here is to terrible undead lists ruling the day!