Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Forgeworld New Releases

I just received a very interesting email detailing new packs from Forgeworld

30 Mk IV Power Armour with the 'late' model back packs and Tigrus Bolters. Unfortunatley they have not included any of the original poses so you will have to put up with the mismatch of shoulder pads and studded armour plates. The 30 man packs offer a saving of 20 squid, or approx $46 NZ inc shipping. This equates to a price of about $370, which is conveniently under the GST thresh hold for NZ

Mk II Crusade Armour Umbra X10 pattern Bolters and command upgrade

Mk III Iron Armour with Phobos pattern Bolters and command upgrade

Cataphracti Terminators with either Power fists or Power Axes. Nice. 176 squid also saves you  20, so $46 NZ. This comes in at $405 so may not squeeze past the customs charges...

Contemptor Dreadnought Talons! For those Marine Captains that need a little more than too much firepower! (is there such a thing?) Another 20 squid saved here, and $275 for the trio

I'm going to be so poor this summer...

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