Tuesday, 25 September 2012

IA12 - Necrons vs the Universe

Ok so maybe not the universe for this book but they will be paired up against Death Corps of Krieg and the Minotaur's Space Marine Chapter. We'll leave the universe for next Tuesday.

First up we have the New Night Shroud. It is clearly a mock up based on a Night Scythe with some clip ons for added measure. Hopefully the final model looks a lot more fluid like the rest of the Necron force's

Dosn't take a genius to spot the Ghost Ark drivers seat and canopy. Interesting design concept but the hull looks to bulky for a Necron skimmer. Hopefully this Tesseract Ark evolves into something with less bulk...

Last up is a picture of a Necron Sentry Pylon. Looks to me they took the large Pylon and zapped it with an orky shrinking ray. I'm sure they have them! How do the Big Nobs make sure the other Nobs stay smaller? I digress... I would like some more effort in this model. There is so much more potential.

So the rumours are circling that IA 12 will feature the Necrons. IA13 will be Dark Elves. Before them will be an IA update book that covers all? Imperial Armour bringing them in line with the new rule set.

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