Monday, 10 September 2012

Guardcon 2012 - Tomb Kings march to war, again...

My next tournament is almost here with Guardcon 2012 set to start this coming weekend.
Last year I managed to place 5th overall with my Savage Orc's and Night Goblin's.
This year I am taking my Tomb Kings with a new variation to the standard list I have refined over this past year. I am hoping to improve from last years result so my aim is to achieve a podium result.

Phil tells me that about 16 people have pulled out at the last minute due to RL (real life). Damn! He also mentioned this was not uncommon and Equinox earlier this year (3rd place TK) had over 20 drop last minute, but still ended up with close to 50. Looks like about 30 Plastic Krak Generals serving their addictions from all over this time around.

The list this year is:
Tomb Prince, Great Weapon, Armour of Silvered Steel
High Liche Priest, L4, Dispel Scroll
Liche Priest, L1, Scroll of Shielding
19 Archers, St, Muso
2x 10 Archers
3x 5 Horse Archers
3 Chariots
38 Tomb Guard, St, Champ
8 Ushabti, Great Bows, St
2x Screaming Skull Catapult
2x Casket of Souls

So basically I have dropped the Necropolis Knights in favour of the 8 Ushabti with Great Bows. I have found they (the knights) tended to sit back for 5 turns before doing much in the game, and after the performance of the Ushabti at Call to Arms, having another all rounder who can contribute early on in the game has worked out. They are still formidable in combat, but 8 st6 bow shots a turn helps combat the 1+/2+ armour saves that are all to common atm. I have kept the double casket combo I first tried out at Call to Arms a month ago. They just gave me some certainty in isolating heavily armoured high priority targets which the Tomb Kings generally have issues dealing with. My staple catapults still make a showing, as they offer some early game mischief for a slow moving army. 3 chariots make their first appearence in an army for me to put some high movement counter charge in the list after dropping the Necro Knights. I have had to drop some archer numbers to allow this, but I still manage 68 shots per round of shooting which isn't to shabby, still down on the 90 odd I have turned up with before.
And finally my Tomb Guard are back. These guys where the the fellas I missed the most at Call To Arms. They have always been a staple in my lists, and without the Necro Knights, form my core combat wing in the army.

As for my opponents, the breakdown so far is:

Daemons 1
Ogres 4
Bretonnians  1
Warriors of Chaos  3
Vampire Counts   4
Wood Elves   2
High Elves 3
Orcs & Goblins 4
Empire 1
Tomb Kings 1

24 lists confirmed so far. Out of these my biggest worries would be the Orges, and Bretonnians. They are two armies that are ultimately very difficult for me to handle unless things go perfectly. On the other hand Warriors of Chaos are always notorious for giving me a run for my money, and there is a bunch of High Elves floating about that could prove difficult. Sam appears to be turning up with his Savage Orc's and Goblin's again, and facing these guys with a more 'normal' list for me will be a challenge. 


  1. 80* shots
    Your chariots have 6x2 shots :) don't forget them!

    Good luck

    1. Cheers PaW
      I still get 68 shots though? (used a calculator and all) 70 including catapults. Only 2 crew so 6 shots total for the chariots? Where are my extra 10 shots! (I really want to know! free shots and all)

    2. urgh...
      19 archers = 19
      10 archers = 29
      10 archers = 39 (for some reason i thought this was 68 doubled lol)
      I missed the horses for some reason, and excluded your ushabti, Since they are 'special shots'
      So i would more say you have 60 shots
      My mistake ...

  2. will see you there....

    "the 5th OnG"

  3. Nice! It is sounding like a Waaagh invasion! I wonder if Phil will let me change my list so I can become the 6th Savage Orc and Night Goblin Player.