Monday, 23 December 2013

A Titan story - Part 5

So I could not resist the Reaver Titan any more. After the Warhounds got pushed aside for the Fire Raptors, I decided to give the Reaver Titan a good go.

First up the hip joint and upper leg. Nice and simple, single pin and a bit of a tidy up.

There is nice groves for the parts to slot together with ensuring a good centred fit.

Alot of the parts are single piece casts. No issues here, a quick clean and layout to check everything is good

A few dry fits later and we have some legs! There are no groves or teeth like the Warhound Titan in each joint so making sure you keep the right angles requires a bit more patience.

At this point things felt like they were going to smooth. There is alot of detail on these parts and for once I dont think I accidentally cut/sanded off any rivets!

After waiting a few hours for the epoxy to gain some strength, I completed the leg assembly. Looks easy right? This has to be one of the most frustraighting things to do during assemble. I had not placed a magnet on the waist this time so balancing the level and holding the legs firmly on the ground (after making sure the building surface was level) took alot of time, and blu tac! You can see the bits of green stuff in the knee joints where I drilled through and pinned the model. Using an electric drill takes a bit of working up to on your $1000 model...

The end result came out great. There is far less flexibility in the Reaver Titan compared to the Warhounds. Left foot forward, slightly prone, right leg bracing to fire. Damn this thing is huge!

Next up we have the upper body. Nice simple assembly here again. everything aligned ok so no major issues. I did experience some shrinkage with the three parts that make up the rear being about 1mm to short. You dont see any of these joins as they are cleverly hidden with overlaps and undercuts. The weapon mounts where pinned into place and targeting servitors have been prepared for painting before final assembly (not pictured)

A quick look from the rear. The cooling fans in the centre are covered by a grill once assembled. You can also see how I magnetized the void shield generators. So far this Reaver Titan has been very simple to build.

Next update will be the full assembly of the Reaver Titan! Things have gone so well with this that the last thing remaining to do (as of typing this) is mounting the head!

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