Monday, 2 July 2012

6th Edition 40k FAQ's are up

True to form, GW have released the FAQ's for the latest edition of 40k in very short order.
After a brief glance over them they cover most of the holes that where expected with the new edition, in that each individual codex special rules where bought up to date the the new rule set. There are still a few question marks and clarfications needed however, and once again it would be great for active feedback to take place with regards to FAQ's. Alas, this has not been so for a while now.... Peddling backwards anyone?

My necron force looks to see an expansion again soon, adding more of the units that I like now that I have seen the new rules and can see my list becoming legal. Some things I noticed:
  • Whip coils now nerf Grey Knight Halberds, but roll off vs Tyranid lash whips
  • Night Scythes are not transports, and have thier own ruleset. They can move between 18" and 36" and still deploy thier troop cargo! If they travel over 24", the troops may only snap fire. What I would like to know is, can they charge after disembarking? Its not a transport, but uses the word disembark, and uses the base as an access point. Charging from a Night Scythe would be epic, especially after moving 36"...
  • The Catacomb Command Barge becomes a Chariot, which makes the unit better in some ways, however we loose out on movement range. In 5th, we could travel 24" and make a sweeping attack, and I believe in 6th we can only do this form of attack in the movement phase, thus range is reduced to 12". On top of this, the amazing warscythe has been nerfed, and we no longer get 2D6 ap, and instead get a re-eoll of the 1D6 ap. Its ap 1 now though, but no longer can we harm armour 14...
What I take from all this though, is my beloved Tomb Kings in space have, IMO, become the most mobile and flexable force in the game as it stands. It also, become possibly the only army that can start fully in reserve!

The reserves rule states, that half your army (rounding up) can start the game in reserve. It also states, that units that must be deployed in reserve are ignored (ie fliers in this case). Units with dedicated transports count as one unit for the purposes of reserves. thus, by taking 1 HQ, and mounting all the rest of my forces in Night Scythes, plus adding in a few Doom Scythes for good measure, can I then start the game entirly in reserve.

The list Im looking at is as follows:

Vargard Obyron
Nercon Lord, Orb, Warscythe, mindshackle scarabs
Cryptek, Lance, Solar pulse

8 Lychguard, Sword and Board

7 Warriors


Yes, 9 Scythes! and hopefully I should dominate the skies.
Nemesor Zahndrekh has sent Obyron down to the planet surface to secure a drop zone for some contraption whilest Zahndrekh waits in the ship orbiting the planet.
We all know how effective 3 twin link tesla destructors where previously, I can only imagine 9 of them to be the bane of any mech list out there...


  1. So apparently the rule still exists that if you have no models on the board you auto loose. Booo! Hiss!
    So I think I may work some Tomb Blades into the mix. Not because they are particularily good, but they will be themeatic of an orbital assault

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