Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Southcon 2012

Southcon 2012 is all done for another year and another great result for me. 1st place Overall in the Fantasy competition for the second year in a row! And my first tournament victory for the Tomb Kings!

I gained an early lead on the first day and spent the rest of the weekend sitting on the top table defending my position as best I could. I will post up the final results as soon as the table is provided, however I do know I scored 139 tournament points with second and third place tied on 127 (I think there may have been a 3 way tie for 2nd)

Huge thanks to Aaron for giving up his weekend and umpiring the event and props to OMTS club for hosting another great convention. Well over 100 people attending spread between 3 major events (WHFB, 40K, FoW) and several minor ones as well (inc Dyptosian Wars)

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